Why Choose Us

Why choose us? We are specialists with a broad goal: improve your quality of life. By focusing on a few key areas of dental health, we have a profound impact on a patient’s overall well-being. A top-down approach.

We Provide Personalized Care. Our first priority is to make you feel comfortable at our facility. We do everything we can to reduce wait times, keep you informed, and answer your questions in a cordial but direct manner.

We Strive To Move Our Industry Forward. Oral and Maxillofacial surgery is not only a job for Dr. Movahed, it’s a passion. In addition to teaching students at Saint Louis University, Dr. Reza Movahed is actively doing research and publishing articles related to his field.

The Same Is True For The Whole Staff At Movahed. Our surgical assistants have Expanded functions Dental Assistants who are DAANCEcertified and CPR certified. They are passionate about their work and specially trained to provide quality care to each patient.

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Why Choose Us | Movahed OMS | St. Louis, MO