Logistics For Out of Town Patients

Navigating a surgery from out of town may seem overwhelming, but at Movahed OMS, we’re here to make the process straightforward and convenient. Our coordination team is available to help with scheduling, accommodations, and any queries you may have.

Most of our out of town patients bring a support person with them to help during the post-surgery recovery phase.

In Person Visits

Initial Consultation: The process begins with an in-person consultation where Dr. Movahed evaluates your case and discusses your surgical options.

Approximately One Month Pre-Surgery: Around 4 to 7 weeks prior to your surgery, you’ll return for final scans, Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP), and plating finalization.

Surgery: Arrive in town 3 days before surgery for a medical clearance appointment. The surgery usually requires a 2 to 3-day hospital stay.

Post-Surgery: Following your surgery, you’ll stay in St. Louis for approximately 2 weeks and have regular office visits to monitor your recovery progress.

Follow Ups: Expect 1 or 2 follow-up appointments during the year after surgery to ensure your continued recovery.


All Suites Hotels:  We strongly suggest a “suites style” hotel with 2-bedroom suites, allowing you and your support person to have separate, private spaces. 

Discounted Rates:  We’ve partnered with Staybridge Inn to provide you with comfortable accommodations during your stay at a more affordable rate.

Food Preparation:  Equipped kitchens with blenders ensure you have everything you need for your post-surgery liquid and soft food diet.

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