Case Study 1

Joint Disorders (TMD, TMJ) > Combined Total Joint Replacement with Orthognathic Surgery


About the Surgery

The 33 year old patient with previous history of temporomandibular joint disorder and disc repositioning surgery. In the period of 5 years after surgery, the opening became limited to 5mm and patient was suffering from chronic pain which was managed by a pain management team.

Preoperative diagnosis: Ankylosis of TMJs, retrognathia of maxilla and mandible, constricted airway.

Procedures performed: Combined total joint replacement, advancement of maxilla and mandible in counterclockwise fashion, application of fat graft to TMJs, genioplasty.

After surgery the pain level decreased immensely and patient was able to open to 45mm at the one year mark after surgery. Airway volume was increased by 80% of the original volume.

I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Movahed by my TMJ specialist.

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