Failed Fat Graft and Upper Jaw Surgery

Procedure Performed

LeFort I Osteotomy. Bilateral Total Joint Replacement (TJR). Genioplasty.

About This Patient

Previously, this patient had a fat graft surgery and an upper jaw surgery to help solve her temporomandibular joint pain. Unfortunately, these procedures did not resolve her symptoms and conditions. Chronic pain, an open bite, and functional limitations left her desperate for a solution. She was struggling to eat and maintain her body weight. She was chronically fatigued, her quality of life was poor and she could not function. With the support of her family, she decided to undergo surgery with Dr. Movahed. The positive results were transformative— her energy levels improved, she regained functionality, and her perspective shifted towards a brighter future.
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In This Video

She couldn’t eat, was lacking in energy due to poor nutrition, and would get terrible migraines due to the state of her jaws. She was drawn to Dr. Movahed because he was interested in her as an individual didn’t consider her to be “just another case”. After a successful surgery she feels like she has her life back. She explains more about her experience in the video.







Before Occlusion

After Occlusion

After 1st Surgery

After Revision Surgery

Before Airway​

Before Volume

After Airway

After Volume

Dr. Movahed’s Thoughts...

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“ In this video, Dr. Movahed explains Ellen’s prior surgeries and ongoing joint issues. He highlights the significance of her open bite, root resorption, and the importance of preserving her teeth. He also explains why Invisalign is an excellent pre-surgical orthodontic option. The surgery successfully relieved Ellen’s pain, restored her joint function, corrected her bite, and improved her airway and facial profile. Most importantly, it allowed her to regain proper nutrition, enhancing her overall quality of life.”