Multiple Failed Procedures
and Surgeries

Procedure Performed

Lefort 1 Osteotomy. Bilateral Saggital Split Osteotomy. Genioplasty.

About This Patient

Throughout her early twenties, this patient underwent three sets of orthodontics, which worsened the changing profile caused by her jaw issues and negatively impacted her self-perception and quality of life. She had multiple procedures including: splint therapy, arthrocentesis, and joint surgery for disc repositioning with unsuccessful results. Seeking to address facial asymmetry and malocclusion, she also underwent a previous double jaw surgery that unfortunately worsened her joint pain and resulted in a poorly positioned midline and cant. As a consequence, she experienced chronic pain that was unrelenting and difficult to manage.



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In This Video

By the time she was in her early 20s she had three sets of orthodontics but her jaws and teeth were still misaligned. She decided to seek help from Dr. Movahed who recommended an orthodontist to her. After the surgery, her recovery went smoothly and she feels much more comfortable in her own skin. She sleeps better and is pain-free. She elaborates more on her experience in the video.





After 1st Surgery

After Revision Surgery

Before Airway

After Airway

Dr. Movahed’s Thoughts...

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“ In this video, Dr. Movahed shares his experience with Julie, a remarkable patient and surgical assistant in the oral surgery field, who endured severe joint pain for over a decade. Over time, Julie observed the work being done by Dr. Movahed’s in the operating room and decided it was time for her own surgery due to unbearable pain and facial asymmetry. Her extensive surgical history required a prosthetic joint replacement and repositioning of the upper and lower jaws. Dr. Movahed emphasizes the importance of addressing bite, joint function, airway, and facial profile. The surgery successfully alleviated Julie’s pain, improved her airway, and restored her ability to function pain-free.”