Maxillary Hypoplasia.
Mandibular Hypoplasia.

Maxillary Hypoplasia refers to underdevelopment or inadequate growth of the maxillary bone, which forms the upper jaw and the central part of the face. It can result in various facial asymmetries and malocclusions (improper alignment of the teeth when the jaws are closed). Mandibular Hypoplasia, on the other hand, refers to the underdevelopment or inadequate growth of the mandible, which is the lower jaw. It can cause a receding chin, an improper bite, and facial asymmetry.

Common Symptoms

Malocclusion, facial asymmetry, breathing difficulties, speech problems, TMJ pain, chewing and swallowing issues, headaches, facial muscle fatigue, reduced self-confidence, and oral health problems.

Procedure Performed

LeFort 1 Segmental Osteotomy. Bilateral Saggital Split Osteotomy. Genioplasty.





Before Occlusion

After Occlusion

Before Surgery

After Surgery

Before Airway

Before Volume

After Airway

After Volume